Grateful Dead to tour while fronted by John Mayer

dead and company

Life is often wrong.

Maybe it’s so we can appreciate it when it’s going well.

The Dead, minus Phil, made a bad choice today. They don’t care because acid and money.

Here’s who they should have gone on their 5 city tour with instead of Mayer.

Tom Petty

Eric Clapton

Los Lobos

Bob Dylan

Jack White


Wayne Conye

Bono & the Edge

David Gilmore

Mark Knofler

Elvis Costello

J Mascis

Richard Thompson

The Donnas


woke up this morning and the stock market was collapsing

uber on

it had lost 1,000 points before i could even get the paper.

my txt messages were streaming in

sell! buy! hold! sell! buy! ifyoudoanythingyoureanidiot!

one of my problems is im a sucker for deals.

if anything is on sale i’ll be tempted. and if it’s two things, man.

but 10 things?

like 10 shares of apple for a grand?

no way is that gonna stay at that price i thought.

it’s apple. the gold standard.

lolitathey “failed” with that stupid watch and things were still fine.

theyre gonna win again. they’ll think something up.

they’ll make a periscope or a “magazine” or a space ship.

didnt i hear they were gonna get into the tv business?

cars? car stereos? hoverboards? shape shifters?

who’s coming to get em? Google? ha!

whats Google done lately any good?

theyre following the leader. theyre gonna make self driving cars too.

good luck with that buddies. and get ready to get sued any time theres a car accident.

thats your fault google, you built it, not mine?


yahoo? no. one day Apple is gonna make a cheap version of their MacBooks and take the whole sector.

same with phones. not everyone has a grand to spend on a computer.

but 10 shares of stock? hmmmmm.

no way those 10 shares arent worth twice that in a year.

when they Have figured out the watch, and the tv, and the remote.

i need an apple remote.

i still have too many remotes.

why isnt my phone my remote? why do i have this tv remote, my Roku remote and my cable box remote?

where the fuck is Siri?

Siri turn on the damn tv.

You know it’s Wopner Time!

damn girl.

bought those shits at 100

and held my breath as they rose to 109 and settled at 103.

97 mo to go, ghost of steve jobs

97 mo to go


four years ago i was in an office writing about politics

trumpbut really i was writing about donald trump.

back then he was obsessed over President Obama’s birth certificate.

the thing im impressed about Trump is he was proved wrong about his concern about where the president was born, and yet it hasn’t hurt his popularity or perceived electability.

many moons ago Howard Dean excitedly yelled funny and that disqualified him from being presidential.

Trump is wrong all the time. laughably so. but conservative voters dont care. my question is: have they ever cared?

they didnt care when W invaded iraq over WMDs and links to 9/11 that proved to be wrong. indeed, they re-elected him.

they don’t care that so many of their leaders are wrong about climate change, the war on drugs, or how to tax the wealthy.

all they care about is does that fucker have an (R) next to his name.

will they keep the government away from their guns, will they fight the unfightable fight against abortions, and will they stop taxing us omg omg.

these voters dont care if their anti-gay politicians turn out to be secretly gay. these voters dont care if their politicians are in the pocket of big business and provide them with more welfare than the poor.

and weirdly, they dont care that their party’s politics hardly ever work.

so here comes trump, a guy who recently supported Hillary Clinton, and they’re all about him.



(and whats that?)