some days i have nothing to say

kris bryant

and then i’ll hear a neighbor being unreasonably loud in the early morning

or i’ll get an angry email from a lost love

or my cats will do something adorable and almost human like

or some asswipe on my television will outdo themselves

or my beloved chicago cubs will win a game with a bottom of the ninth home run

or i’ll be totally inspired by something unexpected and beautiful

or i’ll see it’s the anniversary of the day when a pretty girl was generous to me

or it’ll be one of my heroes birthdays which will remind me of a time i saw them in concert and wept.

one of the good things about being a million years old is you know how your body works

you know how your mind works

you know when the best times to do things are and how to do it and what will happen afterwards

and so you try to do that all day but the interesting thing about the day

is the day has a mind of its own

and does not give one crap what you think

and thats when the fun begins.