it was Born to Run’s birthday yesterday, it’s 40

born to run

i took a long walk last night for a few reasons. one was because i wanted to rest my hands.

the other was because uber has hired way too many cars and i didnt get one ride after work.

so i walked.

and as i walked i listened to Born To Run on its birthday and was amazed as always.

im a weirdo. if i love a record i wont play it. i dont want it to get old. i never want to be bored of Born to Run.

bruuuucehow do you start a record with Thunder Road? hows that even possible? it’s possible if thats your only song. or maybe if you only have two good songs.

but when all of the songs are ridiculously good and different how you gonna just have a screen door slam as Mary’s dress sways?

when Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out comes on you realize Thunder Road was just an alley to TAFO’s oop?!


it was all just an intro for The Big Man?

no wonder from the coastline to the city all the little pretties raise their hands.

“Night” i can live without. perfectly fine. and for sure id take it on one of Bruce’s current albums, but what the hell is this Backstreets? probably the most overlooked tune on this record. just as dramatic as any of the others. just as idealistic. just as emotional.

theres a reason the best Bruce zine back in the day was called Backstreets. fuck.

side two and there’s Born to Run. a song so iconic and perfect when i listen to it i think about the time i walked past this normal apartment house and its door was open and i could see inside and above the couch was a framed print of the Mona Lisa.

its like who puts the mona lisa in their house? are they being ironic? is it a beautiful joke? is it the funniest joke in the world?

how about this for the funniest joke in the world: springsteen was about to be fired from Columbia. his first two records (the wild and the innocent, and greetings from asbury park) were not really flops, but the label were disappointed with their sales. they wanted to give Bruce just

one. more. chance.

and that last chance turned out to be the mona lisa: born to run.

the joke is today labels dont give bands three records. you get one. one and done. theres no vision theres no patience. theres no artist DEVELOPMENT. as much as i love bruce’s first two records, and trust me LOVE is the word, theyre not born to run.

and that song. holy.

that song is so strong its almost ashame that something has to follow it. who bats after The Babe?

big man and bruceGehrig. and in this case that’s She’s The One.

another anthem. another pleading wolf in the moonlight

With her long hair falling / And her eyes that shine like a midnight sun

oooooooooooh ohhhhhhhh shes the one!

fuck bon jovi.

bon jovi has no shes the one following no born to run. fucking fakers. yet radio wants to pretend they do.

but we’re not done. theres still two songs left on this record. the super 70s Meeting Across The River which is basically the origin story of The Sopranos

and then Jungleland

it’s almost as interesting to think about how Jungleland ends than to think about what happens in it because it ends like three times. and the whole band is involved, just like how they are through the album.

its a team effort.

Meeting is about a dark, solo, borderline evil and definitely illegal venture

but Jungleland is about a team.

so as much as we are right to praise Bruce on the 40th birthday of one of music’s finest rock records, we also gotta give it up to the E Street Band for delivering something so mighty and so strong that it makes so much of todays robot music feel as shallow and ridiculous as it is.

happy birthday Mary and Wendy, Scooter and The Big Man

it is right for all the little pretties to raise their hands

weird satanist guy began as weird gamer guy

today the web is aflutter with this video from a verbose bearded gentleman who


is pretty damn funny with his crazy ticks and well-rehearsed monologues

but he didn’t just spring up from the River Styx and into our hearts

he first hit the web here in LA back in 2012 as weird gamer guy


so is it all an act? does he really worship Satan? what about Diablo?

does he ever shave his beard?

will he soon have a late night talk show where he welcomes other satanist video game players who talk as weirdly wonderfully as he does?

or will he just run the jewels