last night i had dinner and gelato with a pretty girl


we talked about all sorts of things ranging from sex drugs rock

then she asked me if i ever had one who got away.

they all got away.

or i wasnt ready for any of them.

or if i was ready they werent ready.

but ready for what?

all we have is this moment. isnt that all we should want?

isnt this all a walk in the woods?

do we really want all the stuff to walk with us?

doesnt enough of it come anyways?

you never know what will happen when you answer those sorts of questions honestly, so you might as well.

i tolder no one ever got away because no ones mine to begin with

im not even mine.

theres a picture of me when im like 10 in little league. for so long i wanted to stay true to that kid. but that kid had no idea what was gonna happen today.

actually that kid used to say: wouldnt it be great if every time you turned on the tv it showed you right where you left off right before you turned it off?

so maybe he did know whats up.