what it feel like to be a gen x stereotype

crazy ladyi want to drive, i dont want to drive.

its 7am. i could get a few rides in before work but im sitting here writing you. im motivated and unmotivated. im katy perry because im hot and im cold. im in then im out.

drove ok yesterday. first of the week. everything went fine. even caught an airport ride from the place where i shoulda gotten one, to the place where they shoulda gone. afterwards i drove home, ate some of jeanine’s homemade chili and watched fox news lose its mind that on one side they cant control trump and on the other hand now hillary is calmly calling them terrorists.

this morning erik erickson is waving the white flag of surrender, saying the GOP is over. dead. finito. and of course he puts a picture of abe lincoln on there AS IF THE GOP HAS HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH HONEST ABE SINCE THE 1800s.

he’s just butthurt that his bff the Koch Bros cant beat Obama, can’t beat Trump, and next year wont be able to beat Hillary. instead of saying that he is part of the problem and this problem started when Reagan traded arms for hostages, he blames the real estate tycoon from new york.

bro, you and your party lied about 9/11, lied about iraq, then did everything they could to dishonor and block the first black president from doing Anything in office despite what the american people wanted.

the american people want universal health care.

the american people want equal rights for all, including the gays and lesbians.

the american people want and end of the drug war.

and the american people, year after year, are more diverse, interesting, and courageous than those we see on Fox News.

a thousand years later, we still want our MTV.

the GOP is dead in the water because it has failed to change with the times and it has failed because it has been sucking on the teet of the 1% while preaching to the base that this is what you do if youre patriotic or some shit.

actually i dont know what they preach other than fear



i do want to drive but i also want to write. i want to write about how this is the 10th anniversary of katrina and 10 years ago the busblog would get 50 comments a post on topics like this and more on topics like black people loot, white people borrow.

katrina was an a-1 example that Bush was a puppet for Cheney and didn’t know what to do when it was his time to really lead. because the VP didn’t give one crap about climate change or the environment or the suffering people of New Orleans, he didn’t know how to instruct W as to what to do down there, so W flew over it and later told Brownie heck of a job.

black people looting?if erik erickson wants to point fingers on when this country realized that the GOP was only in it for the money, look no further than that moment, because it was obvs that they werent in public service for the public.

do i think its over for the republicans? no. they will survive only because the democrats have their own dirty diaper of problems that they refuse to clean up. they too are beholden to the rich. they refuse to abolish money from politics. they are terrified of falling on the sword. even though they see with their own eyes how Obama has been able to push his agendas through the system, theyre too cowardly to do as he did.

and for damn sure theyre terrified to take on the NSA, the pentagon, and the NRA. so a pox on their house too.

to quote the first batman movie, this town needs an enema, and Donald Trump smells like the right one to give it to them.

we may all die in the process, but the good thing is, if youve been a good little boy or girl, when you die you go to heaven.

this is barely even on a bob dylan album

it didnt make the cut for Blonde on Blonde even though dylan took 19 takes of it.

even though it’s amazing.

even though even with the abrupt ending, it’s perfect.

Yes, you, you just sit around and ask for ashtrays, can’t you reach?

the only way you can buy it is to spend $33 – or stream it.

how incredible is that? its almost like he doesnt want us to have it.

this is how art should be.

all the time.

art should always play hard to get when its this good.