1. Saturday, August 29, 2015

    cubs lost, but we won 

    tony pierce todd martens lily mazet at dodger stadium

    todd, lily and i went to the cubs game friday because it was all you can drink for free beer night


    typically i dont go to games where great pitchers are on the mound cuz theyre boring

    but what are you gonna do: Not see clayton kershaw take on the cubbies on a friday night?

    todd and i worked at the times together. lily and i worked at kpcc together.

    lily now works at the times along with several people i worked at kpcc with

    because the cream always rises to the top.

    all of them are quietly saving the paper from oblivion

    but dont tell anyone, it’s a secret.

    front row

    we had front row seats because thats all the xbi ever sends me.

    i had two super dodger dogs and two goose island from chicago beers.

    a couple of people walked past me and saw my cubs hat and said mean things

    and to each of them i responded with a version of

    thats ridiculous, the cubs have lost so many times to the dodgers you should be buying me hella beers rn.

    one day i’ll get a beer out of it.

    i took an uber to the times and on the ride the guy told me he was probably going to watch the game at a restaurant and then see if he could uber someone out of the game.

    i said, dude we have an extra ticket. tell you what, if you drive us to the game, i’ll give you the extra for free.

    ryno for prez

    he was so happy.

    i was happy too because for some weird reason i was having the hardest time finding a fourth person to go with us.

    but then before we got to the paper he got a text.

    his girlfriend won tickets to a burlesque show at the dragonfly.

    so he was all, i’ll tell you what, i’ll drive you up there for free anyways.

    when we got to the paper we picked up lily, then swung over to union station to get todd

    and there we saw the free shuttles to the stadium

    so we told uber guy no bother and got on the shuttle and this dude had a ryne sandberg hat from ’84.

    the year that will live in infamy.

    but the dude was too young to realize that probs.

    lily is hydrated


    after the game we did yoga at the train station.

    todd won.