i have scissors all over my house


why? because after the xbi made it hard for me to remember things i like to write stuff down, cut it out, and tape it to the walls.

photos, ticket stubs, addresses, memories.

once a pretty girl took all of it down i was all, hmm, now how am i gonna remember again?

mariah back in the day with a gunand i didnt.

i even forgot to put stuff back up so i could remember them.

i just looked at my blank walls and thought i hadnt done anything ever.

which was sorta nice.

blank slate. fresh past. fresher future.

i have 14 years of memories on this blog but you know how many times a month i go back in time?


my phone has this thing called Timehop and that takes me back in time every morning but it’s not that great bc its twitter memories or instagrams.

today though it brought me back to a long time ago with a different pretty girl and i have a pretty good idea when the picture was taken and where and what happened later that night up against a wall

which made me feel good.

but i could be entirely wrong.

which is why in heaven i hope there is a review of our Timehop and the angels will ask, are there any questions?

and i wanna say, was it really 102 degrees that day


did she really like me or was she just bored?

and hopefully the angels will say

kiss the past away and follow us down this path because theres an unbelievable spread of sushi that we really want you to try

if you dare.