the thing about my life is i tell zero percent of it here

maybe zero point one percent.

the problem is im very shy deep down. so shy it embarrassing.

youd think that someone who has written every day for fourteen years would just lay it all out there but how can i?

im taking a pretty girl out this weekend. who knows where. hopefully bowling.

i havent been bowling in so long. im a good bowler. i have trophies.

trophies from when i was a kid. trophies from now. bowling trophies.

its why the women want me.

i dont throw a hook. its not a straight one neither. it sorta drifts.

almost tricks the pins into thinking theres no way

but then theres a way.

i have my own ball.

the neighbors threw out two more and i rescued one.

so i have two balls. three if you count my first one which i never use.

today i took the richest woman id ever met to her summer home at the top of the beverly hills hills.

she told me she was russian and married a man from dubai.

we talked about tolstoy and jazz.

her mom laughed at my jokes but otherwise never said a word back there.