two years ago today robin thicke peaked and fell in the same night



the singer’s “blurred lines” video and single were top of the charts

it was produced by the red hot pharrell and his video featured the impossibly sexy emily ratajkowski,

it was cool, it was fun, and perfectly coifed robin thicke stood there as

the models strutted around him and pharrell counted the money.

and there he was center stage at the mtv vmas as miley cyrus finished singing her tune

all about she could do what ever she wanted

we run things, things dont run we

billy ray’s daughter then stripped off her clothes revealing a nude two piece number

and the pair traded lines on blurred lines, namely

i know you want it.

robin thicke mileywhile miley touched the Beetle Juice dressed thicke’s nether regions

with an oversized foam finger

and then bent over in front of him for about one second

and minds blew around the world.

and when it was over he smiled all the way to the backstage,

changed clothes

and then posed with a young lady

and just his luck there was a mirror behind them.

reflecting her behind, which was being assisted by his giant paw

sorry, giant married paw.

and just his luck the young lady posted the photo on instagram, she says unaware of anything more than her face and his face, never noticing the wander hand.

and then it all fell apart. just that quickly it was over. no one wanted to hear the overplayed song any more. everyone felt skeezy dancing to it. no one wanted to support a handsome pop singer doing what handsome pop singers do when they run across pretty girls backstage.

thicke apologized so much to his wife he even wrote an apology album and named it after her but that didnt work because sometimes the game is over and it doesnt matter how many times you say Beetlejuice nothings gonna change.

and then he got sued by Marvin Gaye’s estate for ripping off the late soul singer without crediting him and thicke lost millions.

the end

stay in school, dont do drugs

dont drink and text and drive

and keep your hands to yrself