uggie’s dead. is there any reason to go on?

uggieamerica’s favorite living silent star is now dead.

uggie the dog.

le petite chien who stole our hearts in The Artist has now been transformed into a heavenly spirit.

he didnt say much when he was here but we heard every word.

most of the time he was telling us to have fun, eat right, and love each other.

he died the way he lived, wondering how a celebrity could croak due to a wonky prostrate.

the artist was a miracle of a movie: a black and white silent film overrun with french people.

uggie of course was the secret weapon. the one thing we could all relate to.

and now he’s dead.

he’ll never see the cubs win the world series next year. he wont see Straight Outta Compton premiere this weekend. he wont live a day under President Trump and the inevitable world war four.

maybe uggie knew when to bid us all adieu.

animals usually do.

au revoir, mssr uggie.

au revoir