what do you do with two canadians who want dinner?

poutine menu

sass and emilio had never met somehow even though they went to the same college at the same time and hung in the same circles and knew the same ppl and danced the same dances and wore the same clothes and sang the same songs and played in the same bands and took the same classes and rushed the same sororities.

but you know what brought them together?


i mean the busblog

and hollywood.

and you.

so it was time to celebrate and eat stuffs so we had poutine in hollywood!


it wasnt bad. but as i like to say, the only bad poutine is no poutine.

since emilio is a vegetarian because he “loves” animals,

sass and i chose the duck poutine because jack in the box rarely has duck anything

and i gotta tell you, ted nugent, littlefork’s duck poutine, despite not having actual cheese curds

and technically not even being truly poutine

is damn good american poutine

sass and emilio

afterwards we dropped off sass in a dark street in the hollywood hills

so if she gets discovered in some manson family gang in a few months

just know that her last really good meal was with moi and vous

while a guy played 80s tunes from his laptop

and i drank a margarita.

quebecois everybody!