1. Wednesday, August 12, 2015

    yr welcome 

    obama hoops

    racists run around saying dumb crap like

    i want my country back

    which everyone knows just means progress scares you

    and you’re uncomfortable that theres a black president steering the ship

    where everything is going exactly as you feared:


    the u.s. was so low when obama took over that some people thought the republicans werent even trying

    “lets let things get worse before things get better and then we can re-take the white house and everyone will love us again.”

    but the stock market is up, housing is back, unemployment is down,

    bin laden dead, people have health insurance, and the cubs are playing incredibly.

    and people can try to discount all of those achievements and say this or that about them

    but one thing they cannot deny

    under obama we have felt safer.

    we are not hyper paranoid about every little thing.

    we have gotten our country back.

    theres no more ridiculous terror alerts. theres no more

    fear fear fear

    being shoved at us. which no one believed anyway, but still.

    i appreciate that.

    quality of life means something to me, so thank you for not lying all day to me

    so i would buy into your malarkey.

    am i thrilled about the government spying on me?


    but im enjoying pretty much everything else.