ive had a good life, it’s ok

weirdnesshad dinner the other day with a pretty girl who asked me if i had ever been married.

i wanted to respond like Long Duck Dong “mallied?”

some of my friends are married, but my friends dont count because theyre the exceptions to every rule. and even a few of them are getting divorced.

i am painfully romantic so i have no issues idealistically with a loving bond that lasts forever and ever but when you think about it it’s sorta nuts.

so even though i havent intentionally avoided that whole business i am somewhat relieved that ive never gone down that path. likewise im glad i never tried heroin.

im sure theres nice things about having a house and kids and all of that but its also nice to have peace and quiet when you want and wild fun when you want. im not someone who sleeps 12 hours on a saturday but im glad i could if i wanted to. freedom is relatively important to me.

but with all of that said, i do look back fondly in the archives of this blog and say omg remember that. and i suppose it would be cool to do that with a person, instead of persons.

even though i loved the persons. even though the persons were all unique and wonderful and challenging in their own ways.

the question that i ask myself is did i grow more from being influenced by a variety of people more than if it had just been one

but maybe thats rationalizing. even though its not. my weird little journey has been delightful. i can count the times ive cried on one hand. and most of those didnt have anything to do with women.

have some of them lied to me, of course. people cray sometimes. am i confounded sometimes? def. but im cray too sometimes. all of this is a bizarre dance where the music changes as do the rules, all the time as the floor shifts. perhaps one reason some choose to marry is so Something in their lives can be stable during the slamdance.

to me not being married after all these years is like not having a hottub in my front yard. it would be interesting and at times totally blissful. but who knew youd need so many chemicals.

the only solution is to give guns to pretty girls

spring breakersnobody likes the fact that theres so much gun violence in the usa.

im sure even the nra would prefer if the statistics weren’t so lopsided.

you know, the ones that show america has no fucking clue when it comes to weapons.

and its tricky. on one hand we want to be the Land of the Free but on the other hand people work hard and have families and get freaked out when they hear a bump in the night or watch Fox News too often.

and they feel better with their .45 safely tucked away under their bible.

weirdos like me believe that you dont need Both a gun and a bible but we dont count. why would Christians have a vote in anything that doesnt have to do with anything other the wombs of strangers?

so i think we should start a trend where any time a young lady turns 18 she is given a gun and bullets.

there might be some hiccups at first but screw you it’s the 2nd amendment.

the problem is there arent enough guns. the right is right. if Everyone had a weapon there would be less crime and fewer issues.

how likely would you be to flip someone off in traffic if you knew they had a glock cocked under their messenger bag?

my horn would never toot.

how many construction sites would cat call women if they knew that tucked away inside those Coach clutches were cute little Kate Spade .22s? AND WHAT JURY WOULD CONVICT HER?

white guns + pink bullets = peace in our time

kanye / busblog in 2020