my favorite blogger blogged today

hollywoodthey say youre not supposed to have favorites but theyre always wrong.

like richard christie theyre all my favorites.

my favorite cat has been the boy cat, prince, because he is more loveable and just flops in my arms when i carry him around.

the girl cat, michael, doesnt want me touching her for more than 20 seconds, but she refuses to sleep anywhere but in my room, which is weird. shes weird.

but she loves jeanine who lets them both lick her arms and bite her fingers. jeanines crazy too.

nobody gets to lick or bite me unless you’re buying dinner.

blogger today wrote about being on a vacation and posted a backless photo of the suntan she got

for some reason she loves showing off her bottom but why not,

it brings joy to people.

they have national everything day nowadays

there should be national show your bare ass on your blog day.

pretty sure something like that would cure all the worlds ills.

im in the worlds ills curing business fyi

today i took some snapchat pictures for the academy and the kids ate em up.

learned that buddy epsen the dad in the beverly hillbilles was supposed to be the tin man in the wizard of oz but the silver makeup they put on him reacted poorly with his skin and he had to rush to the hospital because it made his toes curl and his breathing stop

which were serious ailments in those days.

his life turned out ok, he was audrey hepburns dad in breakfast in tiffanys

and of course jed clampett on tv.

but he never saw one of the worlds best bloggers bare assed on a thursday.

poor guy.

today tom brady was released from fake jail


proving once and for all that some people have all the luck and luck it is

trust me, if i dumped my pregnant girlfriend for a brazillian supermodel id never hear the end of it

and if i had my equipment manager illegally deflate my footballs before the AFC championship game

my mom would yell at me and say


but tom brady can get away with murder because he has a symmetrical face and genes that make him a few inches taller than your average bear

the bible tells us that we shouldnt fret because even though payback is a b-word it doesnt always happen here in earth

right next to it is a picture of St. Peter cracking his knuckles

and St. Paul digging crud out of his finger nails

and St. Mark practicing his nunchucks

and St. Shadrach turning up the heat in the firey furnace.

your time is gonna come, led zeppelin warned

oh yes they did.