most people dont know how much i play fantasy sports

fantasythe other thing people dont know is how bad i am at it.

youd think that after more than a decade of doing something every day youd get good at it

but nope.

this week is the last week before the playoffs for some of the leagues and second to last for others.

it was really important that i do well this week and it looks like i did.

one reason i lose so much is i play with my heart, not my head.

this year i have done well because the people i like have done well.

bearded jake arietta of the cubs has had an insane season and i was able to pick him up in almost all of my leagues in the 6th or 7th round, and he has turned into my best and most consistent player.

the tough part of the season is making it into the playoffs. once youre in, anything can happen.

you might even omg win.

the prize? pride.