taking the temperature

sunset on sunset

this blog has grown into an unwieldy collection of ramblings and gobley goop.

wouldnt it be nice if i could go back ten years and know what was generally going on in just one post

of generalities.

so let me try it here, you know, for the people of the future

the cubs beat the crap out of the cardinals 9-0 in st louis. the cards are leading the division and it looks like the cubs and the pirates will meet for the wild card game. the dodgers and the miracle mets are leading the west and east.

unleaded in LA is $3.39. its about a buck cheaper around the nation.

bernie sanders has pulled ahead of hillary clinton in new hampshire. but also according to the polls, trump would beat everyone. even al gore who no one has heard of in a decade.

the weeknd has the #1 song in the land “cant feel my face”

straight outta compton was booted from the top spot this weekend after winning three weeks in a row.

president obama, who recently returned from a trip to alaska, delivered a labor day speech where he quipped that even Tom Brady is happy he’s in a union. a snide way of referencing the fact that the NFL failed in proving the QB was involved in “Deflate Gate”, however the league vowed to appeal.

crazy from the heatapple makes their annual announcement to entice the world to trade up.

the nfl season kicks off next weeknd.

jeanine is on my couch.

the kittens remain alive.

book i’m reading: crazy from the heat, david lee roth

american apparel: .18

twitter: 28.17

facebook 88.26

tesla: 241.93

apple: 109.27

pandora 17.99

had a good weekend, hope you did too

ubering to usc

the difference between uber plus passengers and uber x ones is night and day.

uber x people are sooooo happy, on average compared to the more expensive uber plus pax

why are the rich so serious?

you’re being driven by the best uber driver, probably in the world.

everyone should be super happy and chill and amazed and blessed with me

and any time i switch over from Plus to X i feel like thats how the ppl feel.

which makes me feel that way too.

im going to take at least one uber x drive a night, even though theres rarely any money in it.