sometimes i feel like this blog is a shout out to the future from the past

meeting huckabee

dear future,

here in the past we had a woman in kentucky who had a job where she had to give licences to people who wanted to get married.

well that crazy muslin obama convinced the supreme court (even a couple of the conservatives!) that the gays were people too and if they wanted to be foolish enough to say “youre the only person i wanna see naked for the rest of my life” then you all should get married too.

this lady claims she is a Christian. not a Jesus love-your-neighbor-as-youd-want-them-to-love-you Christian but indeed a much different type.

she is the type who would say, no im not going to give you marriage certificate because it goes against MY religion.

a judge told her that she works in a government office, therefore no one gives a rats ass about her religion because church and state. and she said wait what?

and he ESPed her this: b, what if my religion was one that said if a woman disobeys a judge we get to light her on fire because maybe shes a witch? would you like that? didnt think so, so shut up and oil up that rubber stamp and start handing out paperwork!

but she didnt listen. she went right back to work where all these gay people were waiting and when they asked for the paperwork she said no.

so the judge put her in the jail!

then mike huckabee showed up to visit her! because he was the same type of Christian who thinks their religion is more important than other peoples human rights and importanter than the constitution. also, he’s running for president of the united states, a job where if you get it a judge asks you “dude are you seriously gonna defend the constitution?” and if you dont say hell yeah then they set you on fire because youre probs a witch.

so she got in jail on friday and stayed there all over the labor day weekend and on tuesday mike huckabee was still there so the judge said this cray and let her out. also, her husband showed up in overalls and a crazy hat because it was kentucky and no one wanted us to forget.

so there you have it. america in 2015 is just as insane as it ever was. except nowadays we have longer lasting overalls.