i dont hate a lot of things, but i hate 9/11

beyonce jay-z and mona lisai hate what happened. i hate what we did afterwards.

i hate what we didnt do afterwards.

i hate all the questions that were unanswered.

i hate all the answers they gave us.

i hate that they destroyed evidence and censored findings.

i hate that after all these years we still have these feelings.

i hate that today isnt a national holiday of grieving.

i hate that i dont feel safe flying in a plane on this day.

and most of all i hate all the reactionary fear that spread like cancer among what would have otherwise been men of courage.

like many things courage is something you need to constantly be working on.

fear is an instant reaction that no one should be comfortable with.

so to cope, instead of mourning, today i will do my best to be happy

and not hate.