tin roof rusted

ramie and me at the bowl

saw the Psychedelic Furs and the B-52s at the Hollywood Bowl w/ Ramie

it was a last minute thing because i love the psych furs and even though the b52s are fun, i saw them in college and they were just fine. so i was meh about it until i found some sweet tickets at the Nice Price.

turns out Ramie’s been looking for a miracle ticket for weeks. so i picked up some beer at the store, we summoned a Lyft and got there just as the Furs were getting a groove on.

little did i know the Hollywood Bowl orchestra was gonna play along with the bands, and i must say, whoever did the arrangements is a damn genius. it sounded spectacular.

the B-52s didnt utilize them as much, which was a missed opportunity, because as you can see in the video, when they did use them, it was fantastic.

the show was produced by the Bowl which meant you could bring your own booze in.

sitting there under the stars next to a pretty girl watching good bands and fireworks, all while eating spicy tuna rolls and sipping out of a 40:

exactly what the founders intended.