the busblog approach to money

snoopydonald trumps favorite book, the bible, pretty much lays out how i feel about money

one day Jesus was minding his own business, being rad, when someone asked him about taxes.

i forget if it was about a flat tax or progressive tax or what, but

Jesus was in the business of souls, he wasnt too concerned about how the 1% could hang on to a few more shekels while shaking down the poor

near him was a handful of coins.

he asked the questioner “who’s this?” and flipped him one of the coins.

“That’s Caesar,” the guy told Jesus.

so Jesus said, “give to Caesar what’s Caesar’s and give the Lord what’s the Lord’s.”

which is probably the greatest f u in the good book, but it’s also an excellent way to live.

so much of life on earth can be about the wrong priorities, especially when it comes to money.

and i dont know precisely how it works, but i’ve noticed that the more i share things like who i am, or my crap, or my time, or “my money”, the more others share back.

and isnt that way funner than just hoarding everything, alone, in a freaky selfish way, like a dick?

we’ve all had ups and downs financially. it doesnt matter who you are. even trump had to declare bankruptcy on some of his stuff sometimes.

but we always end up ok.

why? because money doesn’t rule us unless we let it. they keep printing more. theres always interesting ways to get it. and theres tons of fun ways to share it.

we will be ok.

the thing we should worry way way way more about is our soul.

how are we treating it? and if thats too weird of a concept, how about our hearts? what are we doing to them?

trumps favorite book says the good lord will judge us by our heart. is our heart obsessed with doe-ray-me?

or is it way more concerned about taking care of others and learning more about far more abstract things like



and the theory that the pitcher should bat eighth in the lineup so that the number nine hitter gets better pitches?

we are on this funky ass globe for a blink of an eye

fuck caesar’s stupid little coins

unless they can be shared with the angels, saints, and the poor, in fascinating ways.

ac/dc at wrigley field, the next best thing to a world series win here

wrigley field

if you know me by now you know im remarkably predictable. i am extremely loyal to the people and things that i love. and if i love you im gonna love you forever and ever, through hell and high water. AC/DC has been in my top ten favorite bands since i first heard “dirty deeds” sneering through my junior high school radio.

so when bob, my friend i’ve known since kindegarden, wrote me to tell me that AC/DC was playing at Wrigley Field, the holiest place i’ve ever been to, i said oh thats nice. he then asked if i wanted a ticket and i hesitated because i had just seen them at Coachella and it was good, but how many times do you have to see them in a year?

the answer is: as many times as they play Wrigley Field, dummy.

so i flew in monday, took a train out of the burbs on tuesday and as i got near the park i texted Bob who was pre-partying with our friend Rick and asked where should i meet you guys.

and bob said, at the corner of clark and addison in front of the Ernie Banks statue

rick bob and me at wrigley

and it was on.

the weather was perfect, none of us had ever looked more handsome. the Cubs were in first place (practically) an angus was about play some of our favorite tunes for us.

rick reminded me that his first concert was with me, my sister, and her friend Nikki – ac/dc’s for those about to rock at the rosemont horizon. and he hadnt seen them since! say what? i had seen them maybe 4-5 other times. maybe more.

and i must say, im super glad Bob motivated and got tickets because this was the best show id seen them do since my first one, Back in Black where my mom just dropped me off alone at the Rosemont, I sat in the 14th row and my soul was saved by rock n roll.

our seats

this show, everyone was telling me, was the hottest ticket in chicago. scalpers were getting 2x and 3x the face value. bob joked that we were up in the nosebleeds, but Wrigley is so small that even that was fine. and whats best is the beer vendors are allowed to walk around and serve you at your seats. so when you wanna pee you just pee in the cup and give it back to them. recycling!

jk, you pee on the sox fans. great tshirts

almost everyone had AC/DC shirts. almost everyone was singing to all of the songs.

almost everyone was drinking a beer out of a cup that said Cubs.

almost everyone was way in to it in a way that i havent seen in a VERY long time in LA.

i mean, 30,000 people totally cheering and singing during the opening tune “Rock Or Bust” the title track off their latest album – which is their 15th studio record

and they were into it

but when it comes to Angus’s guitar solo they cheered even louder.

and it’s not like he’s Miles Davis up there,

for the most part he sticks to the solo you’ve heard on the record.

he might miss a note or two or pluck a string a little early


so we buy the tshirts and the records and the concert tickets

and the light up devil horns

and we sing along to the nonsense that doesnt mean anything deep

because when it comes right down to it we’re not all that super fucking deep neither.

turn that shit up!

there was one beautiful exception: Let There Be Rock was insane. Heres a small excerpt

it was so good i got out of my chair and Periscoped the entire 14 minute tune.

and it was loud. even in the nosebleeds. even across Wrigleyville, home of yuppies and old schoolers who demanded that the show be over at 10pm. fine with us. the concert started early and ended right on time to canons and fireworks.

old styles

so thats the good news. the bad news was we could see the hologram of Brian perfectly fine (pictured to the right of the center beer), but the Angus hologram was only working sporadically.

speaking of beers. they had to hide the Old Style! Obama!

someone told me that Budweiser has something to do with it. either the Cubs cut a deal with the beer giant or they lost a bet or something but no vendor could walk around with Old Styles and if you went to the beer stand you had to ASK for it and when you did they cracked open a can and spit in the cup first.

RULES IS RULES they said.

but you know what, Old Style at Wrigley WITH spit is still better than Budweiser out of the tap anywhere. so i happily accepted it and tipped generously.

with that said WHAT THE FUCK WRIGLEY FIELD, does no one stand by their man any more?


afterwards we spilled out into the streets – which were closed to cars and made our way into a nearby bar that let us in free and inside was an AC/DC cover band that played pretty much all the other songs that AC/DC didn’t play at Wrigley and weirdly that was incredibly fun too!


and we met some drunk girls and… Ronnie Woo Woo! angus young jerseys

did i mention that everyone had AC/DC shirts and jerseys and baseball gear and drones and homemade clocks ALL with Angus or AC/DC on them? incredible. Chicago I LOVE YOU!

cubs acdc jerseyheres the set list


  1. Encore:

fist of all how many bands can pull out MONSTER hits as song #4 and #10 on the set list and their biggest tune as #12 of a 20-song show? it’s almost as if theyre showing off. it’s almost as if theyre saying oh yeah, well how about this.

only Nirvana buried “Teen Spirit” in weird places in their set list, far as i recall. but everyone else saves the best for last or starts the show with it  but usually keeps it for the end because they dont want people running for the exits.

why would you ever want to leave one of the best shows of your life?


the only reasonable answer is: for tacos.