this was a good weekend


ate sushi with a pretty girl who let me hold her hand in the uber

saw a rap legend pull off performance art with a different pretty girl whos never looked better

drove up the prettiest coast in the whole wide world on a lazy sunday in a luxury vehicle

arrived at the worlds greatest college newsroom and people knew my name

laughed at some of the best jokes in said newsroom delivered by the great todd francis

ate in n out while driving home at high rates of speed as the sun set

and the super moon prepared to be eclipsed.

we will all be eclipsed said the moon

it’s the perfect time for a costume change

kanye west played the hollywood bowl last night


it wasnt just any show, he did “808 and Heartbreaks” all the way through, with an orchestra and chorus

why? it wasnt an anniversary, he hadnt just released a remix, it wasnt like he just won an award for it.



and he made it snow while he was doing it. even though it was close to 90 degrees up in the beautiful canyon.


it was weird and wonderful and a lot like a fashion show and an art show and a greek drama and what it must have felt like for the jews when Moses delivered his Sermon on the Mount, except funkier

kayne's cast of thousands

and with a cast of thousands.

with guest stars sexy C3P0 lady + spinning stairs to nowhere + starring ladies who just stared

and lady in the very back of the bowl who just raised her arms

zoe kravitz in the back of the hollywood bowl during kanyes 808 and heartbreak show

and very special guests Autotune and random Fireworks


thank you Bree for thinking of me when you realized you had an extra golden ticket

that was so funnnnnnnnn!