dear tony, Can you write something on dating younger women?

every successful womanTony,

Sorry for being pushy with the first question

1. Can you write something on dating younger women? Advice wanted. Uncharted territory for me, but I’m pretty sure you’d have some insight to share. Fukkkk.

2. If you were to start a blog today, what platform would you build it on: Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, or what?


when you’re on a sailboat, especially alone, in the wind, sometimes scary wind, you have to make life saving adjustments.

you tighten up the sail one minute, let it out the next. you aim over here for a minute, then over there. you sail into the wind at times, and at others away from it.

in a way youre trying to get somewhere, but really youre doing it for the fun of it. seeing whats possible. enjoying the speed. experimenting with touch.

being a part of mother nature and all the weird little curveballs that get thrown your way.

dating any one, male female young old and etc is a lot like that.

the other person is the wind and youre alone in the boat.

are you really gonna curse out the wind for blowing hard or not being there at all?

no youre gonna make adjustments and enjoy the view.

i understand women, young and otherwise, the same way i understand the wind:

i have no clue, i just react.

i have no idea why they say yes, i have no idea why they say no.

if it seems like i am having fun or have the slightest insight it is because

i enjoy sailing.

and despite everything, women make more sense to me than naked dudes.

2. wordpress. google seems to have given up on blogging long ago

and yahoo appears to have given up on tumblr.