it rained here, and thundered, and lightninged

trump facesthe house shook, the roof made noises

the squirrels bailed. the birds flew to florida.

but the best was when the skies darkened like the smoke monster in Lost.

perfectly nice gray got covered with a thick phalanx of fuck you black.

it was a tremendous parade of doom.

and unlike when that happens in LA, here in Illinois it paid off: it poured.

the thunder bellowed and the lightning struck trees and billy goats and volkswagons and corn fields.

my mom told me to get away from the windows but what are the gonna do, shatter and scar my pretty face?

the indians didnt run from the plate glass every time the angry gods raged.

we were headed to ginos east pizza, the finest in the land, but first we needed to stop at the drug store for iphone cables and rum. dicks were outta both. so walmart it was.

but mom had a better idea, lets speed back home asap and wait.

i really wanna uber a lot more than i currently do so i can buy her a new car but she likes her crossover SUV and today i realized why: weather. theres actual weather here and it’s nice to have big wheels to go through the puddles and potholes and snow and the fallen.

i wanted her to have an electric compact car or something but shes right, you need an actual vehicle in these parts. something that can take a punch. but something that will fit in your garage too. she chose well a decade ago and i hope to get her into a safe and sound vehicle soon, but right now shes cool, which is good because my hands and arms are appreciating this rest from eight hours of tap tap tap and three hours of driving.

i probably shouldnt even be blogging right now

but momma didnt raise a quitter neither.