1. Friday, September 25, 2015

    john boehner, quitter, failure, fake tanner, crier 

    john boehner

    over 50 times john boehner, while speaker of the house tried to repeal Obamacare

    over 50 times it failed.

    youd think after two times of trying to overturn something that Americans wanted, and was declared law, and was proved to be Constitutional youd think youd give up

    but no, boehner plodded on, never quitting.

    today he quit everything: being speaker, being a congressman, being a cockblocker.

    america has never seen a congress who has tried so hard to impede the progress of one president.

    did the fact that president was (half) black have anything to do with it?

    of course not.

    racism is over.

    especially not-so-subtle political branded racism.

    but the funny thing about all types of bizarre hate and mischief is it rarely works in the long term.

    obama was able to pass obamacare, and gay marriage, and the iran deal, and so much of what he wanted to pass. sometimes easily. it was almost as if the cock blockers werent even there.

    confederate flag: gone. relations with cuba: normalized. stock market: booming. deficit: reducing

    all the nightmare scenarios that the GOP swore would happen if Obama was elected never came true despite the fact they shut down the government, filibustered, and did everything they could to make this president a failure.

    instead everything is up except gas prices.

    and now the speaker of the house is quitting midstream. because he knows it’s useless to shake your fist at the sun.

    it may have been morning in america in 1980 but its sunny now.

    this nations tears are drying thus theres no need for john boehner

    so adios amigos. say hello to heaven.