life, i have no complaints

deerwhile driving to work yesterday in my german commitment to excellence i saw a sight

i saw a little girl, maybe 4 years old. 5 perhaps?

with a blind persons cane.

behind her was her mom or teacher.

she was learning to walk with the cane next to a school.

it destroyed me.

sweetest cutest littlest girl and all the things she wont see ever.

the ivy of wrigley field, a technicolor sunset

a perfectly turned double play.

i said to myself, you have nothing to complain about ever.

when i passed that scene for some reason i looked back in my rear view mirror.

and when i did i saw the little girl had tripped over an uneven part in the side walk

and she fell into the grass.

her little legs now above her head. cane gone. but right there.

she reached for it but couldnt find it.

and i died again.

got to work. did work. ate lunch. did more work.

afterwards i drove over to century city to pick up rich people and movie agents.

got a ping at the most luxurious condo in LA. rihanna lives there when shes in town.

i picked up three siblings. all very nice. mid 20s. we talked about china where one of them is in grad school.

drove through some residential streets in beverly hills, hitting it off beautifully.

sisters in the back seat, couldn’t have been nicer or prettier.

they eyed me and i eyed them right back.

brother next to me, jovial.

until we saw two orange cones in the middle of the street.

and a teenage boy sitting on his skateboard in the grass

with his hands sorta covering his eyes

in grief. but why?

as we crept closer to the cones we saw why.

a squooshed black cat.

squooshed forever.

his cat.


but right there.