sat in the parking lot of a 7-11 last night with the windows rolled down

eating a doritos taco from taco bell. pretty girl next to me ate popcorn.

we were listening to van halen because for some reason her “school” hadnt taught her about eddie van halen, david lee roth, alex van halen and michael anthony from chicago.

eddieshe asked me for a primer on the band before we go and see them this weekend and i was all, wow where do i start?

i guess its gotta be van halen one and eruption which lead into their kinks cover and aint talkin bout love. but what about running with the devil? gotta throw that in there.

and the sweet Ice Cream Man with its suprise ending.

next we move to van halen II with dance the night away and beautiful girls

at this point i couldnt tell if she was getting it or bored.

im a boring person. so are summer nights in the 80s at 11pm.

women and children first gave us the turbo jet guitar sounds of “and the cradle will rock” and the jungle drums in “everybody wants some” and who could pass over “could this be magic” which includes the title of the album.

we never made it to fair warning because im irresistible and she had to drop her popcorn and make out with me next to the huge sign advertising a large pizza inside the 7-11 for $6.

yes, $6.

i was so ready to tell her about 1984 with jump, panama, hot for teacher, drop dead legs, and ill wait, which to me is the end of the van halen story

but rarely do people want to know when a good tale pretty much ended over 30 years ago.

way back before this pretty girl was even borned.