dont you know you can fly?

hey there

Kristi Wallace Knight What’s your favorite pie?
because it’s nearly impossible in LA to get a proper sweet potato pie, i will say the dutch apple pie at the house of pies in los feliz with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a tall glass of chocolate milk


Chris Blomquist your top 3 differences in LA people vs Chicago people?


Chicago people wear the jerseys of the teams that they love.

LA people are healthier

Chicago people are happier

Scott McPherson What makes you truly happy?

when, during a punt, the punting team runs all the way to the goal line and the ball bounces on the one yard line and it’s headed to the goal line and one of the guys from the punting team leaps toward the goal line and dives at the ball and pushes it back and his teammate is waiting at the two and catches it and it doesnt get ruled a touchback.


Dave Coelho Elvis or The Beatles?
The Beatles were a hero to most but they didn’t mean shit to me. Music would have been fine without the Beatles, maybe better. But rock and roll needed Elvis, most importantly Vegas Elvis. Lennon and Harrison would have been fine solo. The Clash were way more important.

Cameron Barrett Red pill or blue pill?

You know I’ve never seen that movie.


I’m not sure, it’s just one of a long list of classic films I have yet to see. I should make a list.


Jessica Roberts Cubs postseason predictions?

The Cubs will shock the world by beating Pittsburg in the Wild Card, sweeping the Cardinals and then sweeping the Dodgers. They’ll go seven with Toronto in a series that will see the Cubs ultimately winning due to the fact that because so much of the team is so young no one knows how to pitch against them. It’s a Cinderella story.


Alex Dionne What do you do?
I do the instagram and tumblr for the Academy. Some random stuff behind the scenes of our site. I also write on the site, manage the snapchat and medium and occasionally tweet and facebook. at night i eat half chicken dinners with runway models or drive people around in my uber mercedes. but what i really want to do is direct.


Joseph Renard Cream or Sugar?
coffee’s for closers.


Alyson Shane How do you know when you’ve found “the one”?

when you’ve stopped sexting Rob Ford


Bob Downing Favorite baseball player nickname?

Mark Hargrove, The Human Rain Delay


Keith Johnson Laverne or Shirley?
I liked that Laverne had an “L” embroidered on all of her tops.


Alex Remus How do you spend your free time



Peter Viles Chicago or LA?
Last week in Chicago was heavenly for me.  But every day in LA is a dream.


Peter Viles Future of Uber?
Lyft.  Technology rarely rewards the originators for very long. If you recall IBM and Xerox started this gangster shit. Then Microsoft had so much of the marketshare for software that people murmured that they should be broken up. All of that seems ridiculous now that Apple and Google have become so successful. But before there was Apple there was Dell and before Google was Yahoo. Everyone gets leapfrogged. The odds are very bad that Uber will be the top dog once ridesharing kicks into second gear.


Tim Sullivan favorite drink … i mean, aside from Old Style?
Coke. It’s given me four kidney stones but I love it.  One day I will just have a sink that spits out Coke on the right and Diet Coke on the left.


Mike Lazzaro Fantasy hockey???
If I was a Canadian I would be so into it, but I am a black man from Chicago, so it’s Yahoo Fantasy Hoops. Details on that league to come…
Ben Welsh Do you know the importance of a skypager?
Q-Tip always seemed too intellectual to me. Not enough feeling. Not enough soul. It was all in his head. Not really contrived but where’s the emotion? I have the same problem with BDP.


Dean Landsman What is the way?
There’s a reason the Rocky Road is the tastiest.


Bree McGuire What’s your myers-briggs type?