this is how they get you

babethey look adorable. they are adorable. their little voices. their weird ability to seem reasonable and human-like.

they know the sunglasses are upside down but they dont care. and you laugh and they laugh and even the wind and the sun and the trees laugh.

but then you take them to a red lobster on a saturday evening and omg.

they cry and wander and scream and destroy their food without eating any. and cry and annoy other diners and cry and crawl under the table and stand on their chair like Look At Me!

and loudly discuss religion AND politics.

then when you arent watching they defund planned parenthood as if it wouldnt affect countless women,

many of whom are poor

and without a lobby in DC.

but theyre cute


what is cute? why do we like it? are we foolish enough to think that it’s a reflection of US? why does cute matter? did cute get us to the moon? did cute cure polio? can cute help you sweep the Cardinals in September and help you avoid that super scary one-game wildcard playoff?

will cute get you into heaven or heal your back or stop a bullet?

if anything cute just gets us in trouble. it makes us believe in butterflies rainbows and unicorns. it makes us think that happily ever after really is a thing.

it makes us believe that yes yes yes instead of omg are you out of your mind?

the bible isnt cute. Jesus wasnt cute. freakin John the Baptist seemed like a looney toon with a hairshirt(!) and michaelangelo sculpted Moses with horns on his head.

so if The Light isnt cute,

the opposite of it is

and we should avoid it.

and never take it to Red Lobster again

on a saturday night.