today is amy winehouse’s birthday, she woulda been 32

old bathroom

this is what my bathroom used to look like.

xbi wasnt into it so they stripped the walls and painted it white and started putting bugs in the flowers.

so no more flowers in hurrr.

took michael to the vet the other day because she had two marks under her throat.

at first i thought they were welts that she had scratched open

but the veterinarian had a very different diagnosis


i was told to put some salve on it and stop letting her sleep at the foot of my bed

because in the middle of the night she could do something crazy like bite me.

and if she sucked my blood, well, then i too would be a creature of the night.

everything changes in this weird old world.

one day amy winehouse is singing her songs and the next day shes gone.

one day you have an amazing bathroom and flowers and mouthwash

next minute your cats a vampire.

you should probably kiss the pretty girl in front of you

eat that extra slice of whatever

and thank your lucky stars you’re even here right now

because sooner or later the skinny girls gonna sing.