totally ubered Tara Reid the other day

Paris Hilton and Tara Reid at the opening of  Avalon

here she is pictured with brian urlacher at the opening of the Avalon a few years ago.

it was a fun ride. picked her up in the hollywood hills, we drove past a chipotle that had the most delicious smells emanating from it. we decided there was no way that was the chipotle smelling so good.

we talked about LA and strip clubs and sushi and vegas.

sometimes people are glued to their phones, texting away or looking at facebook but tara was sitting back enjoying the ride and our conversation.

we took fountain to la cienega and she said the sushi place she was meeting a friend at was the one across from the coronet

because im from the streets i said, oh the one across from Trashy Lingerie?

she said yes yes!

i was going to tell her about Kanpai but the other day young Ali and i dined there and the fish was far less than amazing

we decided we will return next time to see if it was a fluke, but my fear is that now that they have two locations perhaps they are running out of the magic stuff.


and the last thing id want to do is steer the girl from American Pie in the wrong direction.

after our ride was about over i said, hey your name on the app says Tara are you Tara Reid?

she said yes.

i said wow, love your movies, and i gotta say you look way prettier in real life.

she said thank you in that delightful raspy voice and i tweeted and she retweeted my tweet so we’re basically engaged now.