umpqua oregon in the news

umpquait’s not like its the most beautiful place in the world

that distinction goes to isla vista

but it was a place i instantly felt at home in.

umpqua is quiet and green with curvy roads and trees trees trees

a river literally runs through it

its called the umpqua river.

it’s cold and surprisingly deep and swift, you should watch yourself

trees fall down and deers dart around and wild turkeys stumble as the fog rolls in

a tv personality you know was sent to portland earlier today to cover the historic news

that recreational marijuana became the law of the land in oregon today but he was suddenly instructed to head to roseburg because an asswipe went into the umpqua community college and killed a bunch of people.

i believe judgement day includes a part where the good lord says

did you trust that i was going to take care of you and were calm and happy

or did you act as if i didnt ever exist and you lived in fear the whole time?

this country is too old to be so invested in little time bombs that blow

far too often.

and our souls are too pure to be hiding behind destruction

while claiming that we are children of god.

if i was congress id make a law that said only women can have guns

and if a man is caught with one, he goes to jail for 33 years.

men have proven they cannot responsibly deal with guns,

so men should man up and hand their weapons over to those who have proven they can.

turns out theres gonna be an uber strike this month for a weekend

uber strikeim not sure how i feel about it

on one hand it would be very nice to have a tip button on the app

and clearer instructions to the passengers about our ratings (like tell them that anything other than a 5 is bad)

and it would be nice to communicate with Uber that all of these price cuts freak us out and make us feel stupid for buying cool cars after they tell us we could make $75k a year driving for them.

personally i dont want to be their employee, i dont want or need benefits, and i dont care that they dont pay for gas

but it would be nice if they reimbursed us for water and car washes every now and then.

and for sure i think that for every month that we drive we should get $50 in uber credit to use being passengers

but thats not why drivers are striking

drivers are striking because any time we try to communicate with the company we dont really get heard

or it seems like we dont really get heard.

sometimes the responses we get via the emails dont even read like they were written by humans

it feels like they bought robot email answering machine and unless you go crazy you’ll never get a real response.

will i participate in the strike? i dont know. when i sold beers at Candlestick for the Giants i was part of a union and even though uber isnt a union i would feel weird being a scab during a strike.

also, not a lot of drivers are as fortunate as i am. i have a real FT gig with benefits. if i decided not to drive that weekend i would really be supporting the FT uber drivers more than myself. i wouldnt mind that. it feels good to help someone else.

also it might ultimately make Uber a better company. theyve never explained to anyone why theres no tip button (Lyft has one and passengers love Lyft just as much – if not more – than Uber… and they tip their drivers). likewise the ratings are confusing.

the company has made so many good improvements to the GPS of the app over the years it almost rubs the salt in our wounds because we know how much we’d make off that tip button and it seems almost mean not to put it in there.

for us. their so-called Partners.

i do need to drive more and i would make a killing that weekend with everyone not driving, but right now im leaning towards not driving because in my heart it feels like the best thing to do in the long run, for everyone.