i always get a little sad when i dont win the jumbo lottery jackpot

silver lake stay young get stonednow how am i gonna buy my mom a new car?

i know what the answer is. the answer is waking up at 5am and driving in the mornings. its the only time competition is low and demand is high.

only problem is, the best way to make money is to drive people to work at surge rates. but do i really want to buy my mom a car on the backs of people who are paying $$$ just to get to work?

true they have choices. they could wait for the surges to end. they could take the bus. they could carpool. they could simply exchange baked goods for hostages.

the other day i had a guy who lived 1.2 miles away from his work in century city. he said he was doing an experiment to see how much it would take to uber every day to work. for some reason he wanted to take a mercedes back and forth every day. when we arrived at his house the fare was $10.90. so he said, ok so it will be $21 a day to commute.

he said that a parking spot at his building was $240 a month, but he didnt want to pay them any more than what he was paying and he is only at the office a few days a week. i asked him if he met clients at his office. he said no.

i said, do you have a bicycle? he said yes but he didnt want to ride a bicycle a mile, even though the main street had bike lanes or he could ride through the residential streets of westwood.

sometimes i feel completely detached from the world. i dont understand how people think. either theyre not giving me all the info or they cray or i cray or

and i think of the beginning of the bible, the only book i read every week. and i think God said you do you adam and eve just dont eat from that tree. and they listened to a snake and ate from that tree.

you had one rule.

so the guy doesnt want to ride his bike to work. doesnt want to walk neither. i wanted to tell him that even if he walked each way he wouldnt get all of his steps in.

and i really wanted to tell him that if he just took Uber X each way it’d only be like $4 each way.

but some people just want to do them. even if that is the craziest most fucked up thing there is.

and thats how Ted Cruz gets millions of dollars from the rich to run for president.