my man matt welch was on bill maher last night

matt welch with bill maher and the black astronomer

i was doing shots on the roof of a DTLA hotel the other night and i was talking to a beautiful surgeon

she was actually the girlfriend of the video guy

and i asked her, have you ever seen anyone make a mistake in the operating room?

she said sure

i said what did you say?

she said, well i know what i Didnt say. i Didn’t say oops.

she said, that’s the only word you’re not allowed to say in the O.R.

and then we cheersed to the Video Guy

jeanine and i saw van halen last night at the hollywood bowl

van halen at the hollywood bowl

dave is a goofball, eddie is a maestro, alex is an animal and young wolfgang totally shreds on bass

they have an arsenal of classic riffs and crowd pleasing hits

millionaires several times over and rightfully so

and yet at the bowl they had the cheesiest graphic display behind the drums ive ever seen.

was it a parody? were they being sarcastic?

was it all a sinister hack by Anonymous?


hollywood bowl sangria

the Bowl played along by busting with some performance art of their own

“who would pay so much money for such a thing? find out in this weeks episode of ‘$28 Sangria!'”

pope shirts, ive got your pope shirts right hereand seriously, van halen sounded terrific and it’s great to see this line up

back at home, looking full of life

but then i met this guy who looked exactly like Barry Bonds selling Pope tshirts

i said i want your shirt

he said i cant sell you this shirt

i asked why

he said because i got this there

i said id pay double

he said i saw him.

i said it reminds me of something id give a catholic raiders fan’s teenage daughter

he said, i saw him.

it was jeanines second trip to the bowl in as many days having just seen duran duran on thursday.

as we walked up the hill towards the entrance of the bowl she was telling me how great the fab five were and how fun it was and what the people were wearing and all the songs she hadnt realized she knew and all the types of people were there and how solid the band sounded

and we got to our seats and the lights dimmed and van halen played about two minutes of Runnin with the Devil and she said,


this is way better.