dear the future, this is what it was like this year for Cubs fans

hey cardinals

even though the Cubs haven’t won the World Series in over 100 years, THIS was not the year they were supposed to do it.

weirdly this group of young go-getters didn’t get the memo that next year was supposed to be the year.

so in the wild card game they shut out the 2nd best team in baseball in Pittsburgh against their best pitcher

and yesterday they completed the shellacking of the best team in baseball with a combo of good pitching and homer after homer after homer.

scharberthe other day they hit 6 home runs and i know nothing in here is true but that’s true. SIX.

ive been doing some work at home because my boss is fantastic and a huge sports fan and understands.

i was so happy yesterday when the Cubs finished off the cards i drove across town Back to work to clean up some stuff i could only do there.

emotion wise i don’t know what to do i don’t know what to say. im not superstitious – something i feel is an affront to Jesus – but i haven’t been writing much or doing anything weird because i don’t want to be the next Bartman.

my mom called me today because she wanted to see if i was ok because i hadn’t blogged much during this historic run for the title.

she told me this beautiful story about how she was listening to the end of the game on her way to my nieces volleyball game

she got to the school but the cubs were 1 out away from winning, so she stayed in her car to listen.

she sat there and looked around as she listened and noticed that the lady parked next to her and the guy parked on the other side were also waiting in their cars.

and then when the Cubs struck out the final dude my mom was so happy she thought about honking her horn but she was raised to be a polite southern gentlewoman

but then she heard everyone everywhere honk in celebration so she got back in her car and honked like crazy.

i may have to take some days off and head to chicago if they make the world series because right now im not thinking right, im making some mistakes at work, im saying the wrong things to people, everything feels like a dream world of loveliness. i’ll probably get someone pregnant if i dont watch it.

or run for the president of the republicans.

please vote for me.