heres whats gonna happen over the next week

cubs win

the cubs are gonna win tomorrow.

at wrigley field.

with jake arrieta on the mound.

on principle.

then jon lester is gonna win on thursday at wrigley field

because he was paid over $100 million to win on thursday and he will do it

because he is good at baseball, especially in october.

then on saturday, that kid who pitched tonight, Kyle Hendricks, who only allowed two runs and five hits

will shock the mets in the apple by shutting their asses off with that impressive comebacker slider.

tying up the series three three

for everybodys cy young winner jake arrieta to clutch victory from the jaws of defeat

and stun the world, and new york city

as the cubs bats wake up and send the cubs into the world series.

four games. four wins. for you, history.

all of this was a rope-a-dope to make it all that much more dramatic.

yr welcome.

i had SUCH a good day yesterday

yum yum donuts

it all started before donuts, which is what the army taught me.

remember that crazy line “we get more done before you eat donuts than most people do all day?”

yeah me neither. but i did have a great airport drive at 7am in hella traffic that got me $89.

as i drove back to civilization i grabbed some donuts and they were all here have 16 for the price of 12.

happy early birthday.

then i had delicious sushi with patrick j patrick for lunch.

then i was able to help someone at work and that made me feel useful, which i rarely feel

katie and ali

after work i remembered that ali had earlier in the day invited me to play the new Guitar Hero game

and see a special secret show starring the one and only Weezer


so i called my man chris and asked him if he wanted to come and he said


so we drove out to the marshlands of playa and parked illegally

then took a huge mercedes party van into the party

and met up with katie, ali, and a beautiful young rock critic named Andrea who shared in my Weezer nerdom

we all drank and the waitstaff offered us tiny burgers and hor d’oeuvres and we watched the opening band from outside

i noted that the handsome guitarist of Weezer was sitting near us, alone, and i wanted to say hi

brian bell

but i was loving the convo that we were all having about rock criticism and badly behaving edm djs

then the time came to go inside to see Weezer and mama mia was it great to be soooooo close

and hear three fantastic tunes

weezer set list -1

yes three, ok! It was fun. shut up!






and we were super close because it was in someones garage that fit like 55 people.


afterwards we took a selfie