the main reason i drive a benz is because of danielle

daniellesome people just have class.

im not that person.

thats why i rely on some special friends to help me through things.

i met danielle back before i had a car. they said hey theres a new girl on the fourth floor and youre gonna love her.

i said why dont you love her?

they said oh we love her but youre gonna Looooooooove her.

and sure enough on our first encounter we hit it off and talked and talked and laughed and went to lunch and then went to lunch every day for as long as she worked there.

during lunch i would sometimes take pictures of her because

a) look at her!

b) she loved it

c) i had a busblog to think about

i put a lot of the pictures on buzznet and the other day when i was able to get them off the site – all 5,576 of them – i noticed all of these great pics of danielle and it made me miss her so very much.

we used to have so much fun together during our lunch breaks.

they really were a little oasis of sunshine in the middle of a pretty hellish work environment.

she was all, dont they know they need to move you to the news department?

i was all, dont they know that youre a million times more valuable than whatever they got you doing?

the xbi took danielle away from LA to San Dieger because it was a pit back then. you havent heard of anything horrible happening there in the ten years shes been gone. she does a great job.

so when she asked me today to send her her pics i was all of course.

this is a reminder to live up to my promise.