1. Saturday, October 24, 2015

    10/24 on this day in the busblog 

    President Obama (Feat. The Pope)

    2014 – at a culver city restaurant an old man gets into my car, accompanied by two beautiful young women, he gives them cash, he tells me hes a famous photographer and tells me how much sex he has with his models.

    2013 – pretty sure im going to get the job at the academy but i cant really publicize it so i go to the movies and make a photo essay of love speculating my future

    2012 – my maid made me the cutest birthday cake

    2011 – for my birthday the drummer of nirvana rocked out for me and the boss’s daughter

    2010 – frisco, the foto essay

    2009 – for my birthday the grates and those darlins played for me and my friends

    2008 – for my birthday playmates escorted me through the playboy haunted house

    2007 – huge fires hit LA

    2006 – i was mad for some reason

    2005 – “or who you are or what your blog is like, you will always have whispers in your head that youre doing something wrong..”

    2004 – snl, you ignorant slut

    2003 – directv man came over. mexican dude named thom.

    2002 – anna was over last night

    2001 – got my photos back from ken and lauras wedding so i made a photo essay