american apparel is going bankrupt tomorrow

michael being michael

this is what happens when you take a mans dream and vision and think you can fix it.

sometimes theres nothing to fix.

sometimes you just need to chill a lil.

the first couple of springsteen albums didnt sell very much.

they were gonna drop him right before born to run came out.

today they woulda dropped him way before born to run.

bruce woulda gotten greetings from asbury park today and if it didnt do gangbusters

he’d be gone.

maybe hed self produce the wild and the innocent but theres no way he woulda had a chance to do born to run on columbia’s dime.

the bankruptcy judge should say dov you’re crazy, but you Are american apparel

and we need a factory like yours in downtown LA

and then just lets them refinance but only if dov gets his company back

the end!