1. Sunday, October 18, 2015

    ‘dont treat me rough, treat me really nicely’ 

    a year ago today i saw the incredible lana del rey at the hollywood forever cemetery

    the very cemetery i want to be buried in.

    why? because they have concerts and show movies there, it’s in east hollywood, and it’s super close to where bukowski used to live.


    i got my ticket that night from the beautiful ambersmithblog who had recently broken up with me

    but for some reason wanted to bestow one more bit of generosity my way and did big time

    tickets were going for $200-$300.

    i have had a good streak of dating the most fascinating and lovely women

    and i thought about that as i stood mere feet away from ms del rey as she sang so many

    romantic and dreamy tunes

    one of the top three shows i saw all last year.