doug glanville, former cub, phillie, yankee met at racist at LAX

doug glanville

the guy wasnt any normal racist, he was a cab driver working the airport.

according to glanville, who now works as a MLB analyst for ESPN, he was catching a cab with a white cameraman when something bizarre happened. when the cameraman hailed the cabbie, everything was cool, but when glanville appeared the cabbie told him to go across the street and catch a bus.

doug told the guy, no no, im with him, we’re together. the cabbie insisted, no, you go across the street, the bus is just $19.

here. in los angeles. in 2015.

so i posted the article on a couple of the Uber facebook groups that im on and i said something like, “this is how we will really beat cabs. lets be all the things cabs are not. i hear you talk about cancelling rides on people or not going in certain hoods, etc. if you knock that off and we stop doing the things that people hate about cabs, we will crush them.”

umand the very first comment that came in said, “this is the beauty of being an independent contractor. you can pick and choose who you want, whenever you want.”

it sounded like the dude was defending the racist cabbie so i asked him to expound on his comment. he reluctantly did,

and when he did it sounded a lot like racism. so i flat out asked him, “so you support racism?”

and he didn’t deny it.

then some other jackhole chimed in, so i had two guys i had to work with. no matter. im an english major. if i cant handle a competition of words i need to mail back my diploma.

and then the original guy wrote the most amazing thing, he said, “i am not a racist I believe in segregation.” and i was all, omg even after reading this post about how doug glanville, millionaire tv analyst and former baseball player couldnt get a cab in los angeles california, this guy was basically saying yep, i wouldnt drive him to his ritzy hotel neither.

part of me blames fox news because they have had a hard on for obama this whole time and some dimwits might think its because obama is half black, but we all know fox news woulda acted this way if john edwards had won, because all fox news cares about is ratings. half of those fuckers probably voted for obama because they’re assholes but theyre not stupid.

but this guy and the other guy actually believe what they see on tv. they actually believe that black lives dont matter. they actually think that doug glanville and guys who look like him are threats to them in some way,

and it’s not the other way around.