i had a good day yesterday, having a good day today


pretty girl asked me to tacos last night. then we ate tacos last night.

today miss jeanine natale is taking me to the musical starring courtney love and im pretty sure we’re in the front row.

and all day my friends have been wishing me a happy birthday on my facebook and because someone said “make sure to give your mom a shoutout” i will post a few of their messages on here because she is responsible for anything good that people might see in me

as i am a reflection of her.

Happy Birthday to arguably one of my most entertaining FB friends. Keep up the good work and for make your damn site mobile optimized this year.

Thank you for being born (and being you in my vicinity as long as I was lucky enough to enjoy it), Tony Pierce!

Happy birthday pal! Hope it’s filled with at least as many great tunes and drinks as Monday night

Happy birthday Tony. Sorry I couldn’t convince the Cubs to win this year for you, but they promised they will next year.

TP and I mean that with great respect my life is better because of you.Thank You! I hope you are having a great day because you deserve it!!!!

Happy birthday Tony! Pretty nice October bonus we got there!

Tony – you’re an inspiration to so many around the world – I hope today you’re eatin your favorite foods hanging with some of your favorite people, and takin er easy as you well deserve. HBD!

It is perhaps the most thoughtless thing of the Cubs to get swept from the NLCS the day before we celebrate the day of days, the day of your birth, your existence. Then again, the Cubs sort of hitched their star to Eddie Vedder, and that’s sort of what you get. Despite this I hope you have a great day, and I suppose there is always next year.

Tony, you continue to be one of the most positive, kind, and entertaining people I’ve ever met. If anyone deserves the best birthday this planet has to offer, honestly, it’s you. Have a great one!

Happy Birthday Tony! In honor of your birthday I want to share a poem from one of my favorite authors 😉.


You know Tony, there are people you meet on this planet, sometimes briefly in passing, who have a particular character, and engage you in interesting conversation, and you remember them the rest of your life, in a very positive way. You are one of these people.

You got a lot of birthday wishes but there are probably thousands thinking of you and just not doing anything about it. Like me. Happy birthday, Tony. You’ve made yourself into a writer. Good, too.

Tony going to give you a silver lining as a gift. The Cubs getting swept will leave them bitter and that much hungrier next year. There won’t be any let down.

There were many more. I am flabbergasted. Thank you friends!!!!!