10/24 on this day in the busblog

President Obama (Feat. The Pope)

2014 – at a culver city restaurant an old man gets into my car, accompanied by two beautiful young women, he gives them cash, he tells me hes a famous photographer and tells me how much sex he has with his models.

2013 – pretty sure im going to get the job at the academy but i cant really publicize it so i go to the movies and make a photo essay of love speculating my future

2012 – my maid made me the cutest birthday cake

2011 – for my birthday the drummer of nirvana rocked out for me and the boss’s daughter

2010 – frisco, the foto essay

2009 – for my birthday the grates and those darlins played for me and my friends

2008 – for my birthday playmates escorted me through the playboy haunted house

2007 – huge fires hit LA

2006 – i was mad for some reason

2005 – “or who you are or what your blog is like, you will always have whispers in your head that youre doing something wrong..”

2004 – snl, you ignorant slut

2003 – directv man came over. mexican dude named thom.

2002 – anna was over last night

2001 – got my photos back from ken and lauras wedding so i made a photo essay

the latest obsession with the cubs winning isn’t good

cubs win

it’s great that the Cubs will be winning the World Series very soon and all, and we probably just saw the opening chapter of a long running dynasty.

but the beauty of being a Cub fan is not having to be obsessed with winning all the time.

it’s cute that people have adopted the W flag that flies atop the most beautiful scoreboard in the world. but that flag is for people in the neighborhood or those in the train to see if the cubs won or lost, it’s not supposed to be some symbol of dominance. it’s a quirky neighborhood thing from a time before it became trendy to lub the cubs.

being a Cub fan is about enjoying baseball for what it is: a kids game played by millionaires, many of whom dont speak english. it’s about sitting on a bench with your shirt off drinking a bad beer that Budweiser is so afraid of that theyre doing its best to kick it out of the friendly confines.

jack white sad cub fanit’s about cheering for defensive gems regardless of which team pulled it off.  it’s about betting a buck with your friends on which infielder will scratch his balls first. it’s about meeting the strangers sitting around you and finding out what lifes like where they live.

it’s loving the fact that the former owner of the white sox is responsible for the most iconic part of Wrigley Field: it’s beautiful ivy. it’s about enjoying the organ music and yelling “right field sucks” especially if you’re sitting in the right field bleachers. it’s about being drunk after the game and hitting on and failing with other drunk cub fans who insult you for your crappy lines, but who then kiss you on your cheek because you are indeed a cub fan, which you proved by showing them your cubbie underwear right there on clark street.

nothing about being a Cub fan is about winning world series or playoffs or division titles or even weekend series’ against milwaukee. it’s about loving baseball and other people. looking at you, jack white.

that is all lost when we get caught up in that stupid white flag with that basic blue W on it. that is not us. thats bullshit the yankees should have had back in the day.

Cub fans are the ones who will go see our team play no matter how they are doing in the standings. last year they were 17 games out of first place and drew 2.6 million fans. in 2013 they ended up 31 games out of first and they drew 2.6 million fans.  in 2012 they were even worse: 36 games out of first and 2.9 million fans showed up. this year they won 97 games, had the third best record in the majors and drew… 2.9 million fans.

that’s how it should be. go to the game. bring kids. bring dates. drink beers. eat hot dogs. curse goats. and puke in the street on your way home. i have a W flag somewhere in this house but it means far less to me, because W’s are not what being a Cub fan is all about.

for us, winning isn’t everything.

everything is everything.

pretty great birthday, gotta say

chris and jeanine at my birthday dinner

my work friends took me to marie calendars for lunch and that was super swell

they reminded me that i hadn’t stopped working at E! just a few years ago, indeed it was closer to 13 years ago.

mama mia time flies.

they asked me if i had any advice for them since i was sooooo much older than them.

and i pointed at the E! building across the street and i said, since you mention that place, i’d have to say

blog. blog every day. blog online. it doesnt have to be open to the public. but one thing im so happy about is the fact that if i ever want to go back and see what i was doing or thinking or hanging with, it’s all right there in my words and pictures and nobody can take it down. facebook might close shop one day. then where are your memories?

our grub

after work Jeanine and Chris took me to Rush Street in Culver City and we ate all these adult meals. I had salmon with green mashed potatoes. jeanine had sliders and chris had some sustainable pizza. it was all delicious. ive known Chris since i was 21 and Jeanine since i was 23. im more than double that now and they are still such a great part of my life. im very very lucky.

bad beer

chris and i split this $29 bottle of Goose Island Halia which tasted like a terrible mistake that they couldnt sell so they put an outrageous price on it and hipsters were all OMG it must be fantastic. but it was far from fantastic but since Chris and i went to UCSB and had lots of far from fantastic beers there, we drank almost all of it, and i poured some out for the bad people who arent with us.

afterwards Jeanine and I walked across the street to the kirk douglas theatre, where she had bought us front row tickets to see Courtney Love in a pop-opera. I was so close to Courtney i could have touched her. it was a very weird play. im not real sure what it was about but it was enjoyable and only an hour. i recommend it for anyone who loves Ms Love and wants to be super close to her physically while she sings this guy’s weird songs. the lighting was terrific. it’s amazing what they can do with a small stage.

all in all, i cant believe i made it to 137 years old. i cant believe pretty girls want to get naked with me. i cant believe my back still works and my fingers and my nose and my heart and my eyes and my knees. i swear im going to start exercising more as i approach 200 years old. i havent hiked in ages and havent run in god knows how long. i seriously need to join the gym across from my work next week. because this great luck cant last for ever. can it?

i had a good day yesterday, having a good day today


pretty girl asked me to tacos last night. then we ate tacos last night.

today miss jeanine natale is taking me to the musical starring courtney love and im pretty sure we’re in the front row.

and all day my friends have been wishing me a happy birthday on my facebook and because someone said “make sure to give your mom a shoutout” i will post a few of their messages on here because she is responsible for anything good that people might see in me

as i am a reflection of her.

Happy Birthday to arguably one of my most entertaining FB friends. Keep up the good work and for make your damn site mobile optimized this year.

Thank you for being born (and being you in my vicinity as long as I was lucky enough to enjoy it), Tony Pierce!

Happy birthday pal! Hope it’s filled with at least as many great tunes and drinks as Monday night

Happy birthday Tony. Sorry I couldn’t convince the Cubs to win this year for you, but they promised they will next year.

TP and I mean that with great respect my life is better because of you.Thank You! I hope you are having a great day because you deserve it!!!!

Happy birthday Tony! Pretty nice October bonus we got there!

Tony – you’re an inspiration to so many around the world – I hope today you’re eatin your favorite foods hanging with some of your favorite people, and takin er easy as you well deserve. HBD!

It is perhaps the most thoughtless thing of the Cubs to get swept from the NLCS the day before we celebrate the day of days, the day of your birth, your existence. Then again, the Cubs sort of hitched their star to Eddie Vedder, and that’s sort of what you get. Despite this I hope you have a great day, and I suppose there is always next year.

Tony, you continue to be one of the most positive, kind, and entertaining people I’ve ever met. If anyone deserves the best birthday this planet has to offer, honestly, it’s you. Have a great one!

Happy Birthday Tony! In honor of your birthday I want to share a poem from one of my favorite authors 😉.


You know Tony, there are people you meet on this planet, sometimes briefly in passing, who have a particular character, and engage you in interesting conversation, and you remember them the rest of your life, in a very positive way. You are one of these people.

You got a lot of birthday wishes but there are probably thousands thinking of you and just not doing anything about it. Like me. Happy birthday, Tony. You’ve made yourself into a writer. Good, too.

Tony going to give you a silver lining as a gift. The Cubs getting swept will leave them bitter and that much hungrier next year. There won’t be any let down.

There were many more. I am flabbergasted. Thank you friends!!!!!


Free Rasool

i have hundreds of friends who are journalists. many of whom, like me, would jump at the chance to be a foreign correspondent, especially if it was dangerous and important and thrilling and made our lives worth living that much more.

about two months ago a young journalist for Vice, Mohammed Rasool, was arrested in Turkey with two other Vice reporters, while filming clashes between Turkish cops and members of the Kurdistan Workers’ party in Diyarbakir.

eventually the Turks released two of the Vice reporters but are keeping Rasool in jail for allegedly aiding a terrorist group. the government wants to look at his encrypted files before deciding whether to go forward with prosecuting him.

journalists dont give up files to nobody. they are ours. not yours. ever. theres the rare exception where, after a story is published, if the source denies that they said something, a journalist may reveal notes or audio or video to prove that the person said what was published.

but you dont get to go on a fishing expedition through the files of any journalist that you want and get to see everything that theyve got in their tape recorder or notebook. if you suspect someone of foul play, and you have proof, then have a speedy, fair trial, otherwise get bent.

Turkey is supposed to be an ally of the U.S. and the U.N. Barack Obama doesn’t mention the Armenian Holocaust solely because he wants to maintain a good relationship with Turkey. when Turkey falsely imprisons journalists for doing their jobs, shit gets fucked.

Turkey knows it did the wrong thing. they’re no dummies. and even though Vice is Canadian, last week the US State Dept told Turkey to cut the shit with Rasool and treat him fairly, but bro is still locked up IN A TURKISH PRISON. a place i wouldn’t want to be and i wouldnt want any of my friends to be in right now.

we can’t have allies like this. there are GOP debates in a week, i seriously doubt that this issue will come up, but i think it would be fantastic if those running for president were asked how they would handle Turkey if they were president right now and our so-called ally was raiding the offices of journalists and clamping down on free expression and freedom of the press.

in the meantime, let’s keep this story in the forefront because Rasool could be me or you or any of our many journalist friends. and if they will do it to journalists they’d do it to anyone.

heres whats gonna happen over the next week

cubs win

the cubs are gonna win tomorrow.

at wrigley field.

with jake arrieta on the mound.

on principle.

then jon lester is gonna win on thursday at wrigley field

because he was paid over $100 million to win on thursday and he will do it

because he is good at baseball, especially in october.

then on saturday, that kid who pitched tonight, Kyle Hendricks, who only allowed two runs and five hits

will shock the mets in the apple by shutting their asses off with that impressive comebacker slider.

tying up the series three three

for everybodys cy young winner jake arrieta to clutch victory from the jaws of defeat

and stun the world, and new york city

as the cubs bats wake up and send the cubs into the world series.

four games. four wins. for you, history.

all of this was a rope-a-dope to make it all that much more dramatic.

yr welcome.