1. Monday, October 5, 2015

    picked up the saddest girl at the rose bowl saturday night 

    taylor swiftas soon as she pinged me she called me to make sure i knew where she was

    which was really smart because for some reason the people at the rose bowl are still freaking out that uber is a real thing that thousands of the 80,000 people want to use after a game

    and thus its a damn zoo over there with tons of road blocks and one ways only and curvy nonsense

    and people on a golf course waiting next to signs with numbers on it

    and the smallest gate to get our cars through.

    i said i’ll be there in four minutes stay right there.

    i had driven all the way to pasadena hopefully to get someone who wanted to go back to westwood

    found her, realized it was only gonna be a 15 minute ride, but was ok with it because i could get back there and maybe get a longer ride.

    i asked her how her night was and she tried to be cheery but immediately admitted that it wasnt good.

    she texted a little and while she did i could hear her sobbing quietly

    and then not so quietly.

    i turned up the music a little because she was depressing the hell outta me.

    i havent heard a teenage girl weep in quite a while.

    its way worse than i remember it.

    it was very real.

    maybe because i hear fake crying on tv and in movies all the time but this wasnt fake.

    i wanted to give her advice like,

    now you know!

    but all i could think of was: feel those feelings


    feel them!