the cubs are playing their booty off

breetoday they sent Jake out there with just a few days rest and he was pretty awesome until later in the game and got pulled leading 5-4

but the rookies seem to be from another planet and just hit and hit and hit

setting a playoff record by launching 6 bombs.

each of the 1-6 hitters in the lineup rocketed one.

the wind was blowing out to right (just like the grand canyon).

i dont have much time to revel in it all as i still have some work to do for work

then bree is picking me up so we can see this incredible lineup who will be playing all these california hippie tunes

fiona apple, regina spektor, beck, jakob dylan,

cat power

what have i done to deserve all of this?

this morning i woke up super early to get in a few quick uber runs.

got one across town for $60. fellow social media dude.

his view is a tad better than mine, he’s on the beach in santa monica.

fine with me. i barely look up from the screen these days.

cubs are one win away from the national league championship series.