the latest obsession with the cubs winning isn’t good

cubs win

it’s great that the Cubs will be winning the World Series very soon and all, and we probably just saw the opening chapter of a long running dynasty.

but the beauty of being a Cub fan is not having to be obsessed with winning all the time.

it’s cute that people have adopted the W flag that flies atop the most beautiful scoreboard in the world. but that flag is for people in the neighborhood or those in the train to see if the cubs won or lost, it’s not supposed to be some symbol of dominance. it’s a quirky neighborhood thing from a time before it became trendy to lub the cubs.

being a Cub fan is about enjoying baseball for what it is: a kids game played by millionaires, many of whom dont speak english. it’s about sitting on a bench with your shirt off drinking a bad beer that Budweiser is so afraid of that theyre doing its best to kick it out of the friendly confines.

jack white sad cub fanit’s about cheering for defensive gems regardless of which team pulled it off.  it’s about betting a buck with your friends on which infielder will scratch his balls first. it’s about meeting the strangers sitting around you and finding out what lifes like where they live.

it’s loving the fact that the former owner of the white sox is responsible for the most iconic part of Wrigley Field: it’s beautiful ivy. it’s about enjoying the organ music and yelling “right field sucks” especially if you’re sitting in the right field bleachers. it’s about being drunk after the game and hitting on and failing with other drunk cub fans who insult you for your crappy lines, but who then kiss you on your cheek because you are indeed a cub fan, which you proved by showing them your cubbie underwear right there on clark street.

nothing about being a Cub fan is about winning world series or playoffs or division titles or even weekend series’ against milwaukee. it’s about loving baseball and other people. looking at you, jack white.

that is all lost when we get caught up in that stupid white flag with that basic blue W on it. that is not us. thats bullshit the yankees should have had back in the day.

Cub fans are the ones who will go see our team play no matter how they are doing in the standings. last year they were 17 games out of first place and drew 2.6 million fans. in 2013 they ended up 31 games out of first and they drew 2.6 million fans.  in 2012 they were even worse: 36 games out of first and 2.9 million fans showed up. this year they won 97 games, had the third best record in the majors and drew… 2.9 million fans.

that’s how it should be. go to the game. bring kids. bring dates. drink beers. eat hot dogs. curse goats. and puke in the street on your way home. i have a W flag somewhere in this house but it means far less to me, because W’s are not what being a Cub fan is all about.

for us, winning isn’t everything.

everything is everything.