there was this great doc on johnny cash last night

sorry for the inconvienence we are trying to save the world

for a long time johnny cash was the biggest moneymaker for columbia records

he even had a tv show on abc for like seven years.

but as time went on he became, lets say, less popular among the populace.

when you think of johnny cash, you dont really think of the 80s.

and someone was talking about how they saw him play this 300 seat joint and it wasnt even sold out

and he thought, that must be really depressing for a guy who used to sell out 10,000 seat arenas.

and trust me, i know im no johnny cash,

but this very blog used to get tens of thousands of unique visitors every day

and tons of comments on every single post.

so heres what i can tell you about popularity in regards to art.

i think i do better when i dont think theres an audience at all.

when im just writing to the void.

it’s great to shoot something out there and see it ring and come back,

but the buddhists talk about emptiness, not the sad omg im starving emptiness of your stomach

but the blank slate chalkboard where anything is possible.

the guy said that johnny cash probably didnt want to see every face of everyone in the crowd

well i dont know about you, but most of my favorite rock shows were ones where

the band was looking right at us

and we were looking right back.

hank sr. used to sing the saddest songs

staring right at one person



who wouldnt want that