today’s sam’s birthday, shes 29

sam on a boat

once todays birthday girl, samantha, and i were on a row boat in canada and we were having a farting contest

im extremely competitive when called out so my farts were coming out in rapid succession

at one point they were powering our craft

and killing wildlife in our wake.

sam admitted defeat and retreated to the bow and i took this picture.

she used to work at american apparel as a model. dov loved her. why wouldnt he.

now theyre bankrupt because they took the company away from him last year because of blah blah blah.

but sam, now a bankruptcy attorney, says depending on the deal that the judge cuts with those who AA owes

and the geniuses who yanked control away from Dov,

when the company gets out from under all of the millions of dollars of debt and

breaks the leases with the underperforming stores,

american apparel might be in better shape than ever

which would be a perfect time to reunite the prodigal son with his creation.

which is why libras are the best. so optimistic.