took these century city dudes to a fancy restaurant


they all worked together. two of them were gay, one was indian,one kept quiet.

they were talking about bro names, which i deduced were office nicknames for each other.

after the ride was over, one of them apologized for the dirty talk that had also transpired

but i said, i’ll let you know if you say something you should apologize for.

a few minutes later i picked up this big black dude who was on the phone,

and he stayed on the phone the whole time.

he was having the hardest time with this chick he was on the phone with.

he kept saying hey if youd rather be doing whatever it is that youre doing just call me back

you keep giving me one word answers

do you want to just listen to your music

why dont you just call me back later

i wanted to tell him bro, let it go. if she wanted to talk, she’d talk.

then i got a guy in shorts and a headband who was all,

sorry this isnt that far of a ride, im late for a 5K.

i drove him exactly 1 mile.