write tales your cats wished you wrote


even though it’s happened a couple of times in my life,

each time a young lady takes off her shirt for me it seems like an absolute miracle.

sometimes they’re drunk or on drugs or theres a gun in the room

but when theyres not, and they still do it,

im like are you sure?

i feel the same way when i catch a glimpse of LA being spectacularly beautiful.

this morning i woke up at 5am, dicked around and didnt leave the house until 6.

drove around and picked up these very tired gay guys up in the hollywood hills leaving a party above the chateau

and as i climbed up through the canyons the sun was coming up.

i got closer to the house and spied DTLA in the distance with all the best colors in the world around it.

the colors of a new day.

(your favorite colors.)

so i took a picture but it didnt capture even a fraction of it, and somehow downtown wasnt even visible

which is fine.

sometimes it’s nice to just be there, and look at something startlingly sweet

like a pretty girl in a messy bed.

or a sunrise over a curb.