am i jealous that blake shelton is dating gwen stefani?

gwen and blakeno. i mean what am i gonna do with freaking gwen stefani.

but i want her with someone thats more of her peer. and if not her peer, someone who will take her music to the next level.

prince, for example.

why isnt gwen with prince?

funny thing about prince. recently boy george quipped that he once slept with prince.

but then he took it back and said he was referring to a prince poster that he had on his wall.

thats not the funny thing. the funny thing is heres a guy who wears some fantastic clothes, but also some very feminine clothes.

he also likes to wear heels.

on his first album he’s wearing lingerie.

and yet you have never heard of a man say that he ever fooled around with prince.

in a weird way hes the most feminine straight dude of all time.

thats who should be with gwen stefani, the princess grace of pop.

they should be together, prince should buy a castle in california and be the funkiest step dad ever.

do i have to do everything on this planet?

blake should go back to driving his pickup truck to the ace hardware and pretend that hes this businessman or some shit.

he has no business with gwen.